My Virtual Instrument List

This piano is the best free piano vst in my opinion and note you can adjust the tone and ambience with other VST effects.  You can find it here:

vst pianoone

Soundfonts are another extension within a VST instrument setup which can be utilised through a soundfont player such as sfz soundfont player.

vst rhodes

The B4II a clone of the B3 Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker system was released by Native Instruments and has since been discontinued.  I purchased the original release of the B4 and the upgrade to version 2 and still have it.

Some other organ VST instruments that are also free can be found here:

vst b4

I’ve picked out a handful of soundfonts from a large collection called 3.5 Gb Of HQ Ochestral Sf2.  You can search for High Quality soundfonts on ebay or find some here:

vst Strings

vst boston brass

vst bass